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Men’s College Jackets

You can trace the origin back to United States highschool and college students which wanted to symbolize college and group pride with wearing a varsity or letterman jacket. These urban college jackets actually started as sweaters in-between the Harvard University baseball staff in the 1860s. Legendary streetwear brand Urban Classics is offering oldschool hooded college jackets in classic two tone styles. We recommend to view our range here now before they go because they are currently on sale online. Other supplier also design great men’s highschool coats, within newcomers like Who Shot Ya?, Just Rhyse and especially Thug Life and like time favourite Brands like Dickies or Soul Star.


College Jackets online

If you are searching online for your first or next top varsity jacket, you will find different looks and fabrics here at Top Streetwear. You decide, if you prefer an extraordinary colour design for instance with this Urban Classics two tone Zebra college jacket in red and black and zebra pattern sleeves that will definitely work as an eye-catcher. We suggest shopping online for simple, dark pants in addition to not confuse your urban outfit with more than one fashion spectacle. You decide if you’re brave enough for this college jacket or just into old fashioned coats with patches and simple patterns. Take your time and enjoy shopping online at Top Streetwear and find urban clothing on sale with good discounts.

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