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DV-8200 Vest Navy DV-8200 Vest Navy
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Men’s vest jacket

A waistcoat is a trendy garment for the upper body, like jackets but without sleeves and reaches to the waist. We all know different kind of vests and multiple purposes for them, for example the warning vest to attract consideration or the swim vest not to drown. In street fashion we wear them with insulating filling as thermal vests and always good looking for instance this Crosshatch Indigo vest that goes along very well with a white t-shirt and jeans.


Quilted vest and more

We help you to find the right waistcoat for you, we have quilted, denim, bubble and hooded vests online. Our range starts with single colored and also offers modern urban fashion highlights such as the Who Shot Ya quilted Red Vest in camouflage. Quilted means, it has seam lines to form clothes, you may know it from a bedspread. Quilting has a very long tradition in different cultures all around the world so a men’s vest jacket today combines historically stitches with modern fabrics and colours. Street wear is always like a mixture of traditional clothing styles and modern influences with the goal to give you your special and very own urban fashion Outfit.

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