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Back in the 90s in the United States of America, hip hop baggy jeans crowded the streets of the big cities. Everywhere around the world everyone from skater to schoolboy was wearing a baggy urban denim which was popular because they were cut wide and casual. And now streetwear brands come up with stylish revival denims like Urban Classics baggy jeans. Another great supplier is Raw Blue, which combined these pants with colourful applications, referencing to the old school hip hop baggy jeans. Music and clothing go together very well as you can see when famous Rapper are wearing pants these street clothes might become very trending. On the other side, Street dancers like to wear comfortable and also robust denims while performing. After knowing the history of Urban baggy jeans, they are also an expression of your own, individual Styling code. Integrate your headwear, sneakers and a great t-shirt to make your authentic casual urban outfit complete. Of course, there are more accessories you can add to make it more personal. Like a hip bag or a canvas belt to your Urban Classics baggy jeans. Dickies has always great beanies or leather wallets that go along very well with hip hop baggy jeans. For the girls who want to wear baggy jeans, they are almost like boyfriend denims, but a little more casual. No one can stop you from looking sexy with pair of great trousers.

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