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The urban loose fit jeans came up in the 90s fashion when especially skaters liked to wear baggy pants while performing awesome tricks. Urban loose fit jeans designers changed the ankle section and cut it a bit tighter, so these pants won’t touch the sneakers. Besides practical reasons this made the look of the footwear even more important, because it was no longer covered by the trousers. So if you are a skater guy or girl, you can casually combine for example an Ecko loose fit jeans with just a t-shirt, a cap and your beloved sneakers. And every part of your outfit will shine. For a sporty or maybe casual ensemble, have a look at our crosshatch loose fit jeans which should go perfectly along with a t-shirt or sweater. In contrast to those two styles, just wearing a men’s loose fit jeans, a jacket and shirt makes your look definitely more serious without losing your personal style. For a good hip hop streetwear When you choose some urban loose fit jeans, have a look at our brands like Crosshatch, Ecko or our other famous Top Streetwear urban brands at our hip hop online shop.

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