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KC-1981 Jeans 3134 Black KC-1981 Jeans 3134 Black
16.50€ * 53.61€ * (69.22%)
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KC-1981 Jeans 3131 Black KC-1981 Jeans 3131 Black
16.50€ * 53.61€ * (69.22%)
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Virtu Jeans L546-1 Black Virtu Jeans L546-1 Black
24.00€ * 58.49€ * (58.97%)
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Amica 021 Jeans Grey Amica 021 Jeans Grey
21.00€ * 68.24€ * (69.23%)
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You think Men’s slim fit jeans means to combine two opposites? Think again! Urban slim fit jeans for men are trendy and looking better than ever whilst being comfortable. Historically Rock stars like Elvis Presley or actresses like Marilyn Monroe already wore the so called ‘drainpipe’ trousers in the 1950s and in the 80s they were part of the punk subculture. Classic Hip Hop Pants have been supposed to be baggy, but things have changed. Almost every urban man owns a pair of these great trousers. Not to be mixed up with skinny fit denims. These are way tighter and more close-fitting. The best thing about men’s slim fit jeans is, that your body gives the trouser the special individual shape, which gets underlined by a narrow-cut leg section. Mixed with a trendy shirt and fashionable shoes, your own urban style has been created. While browsing our online shop for slim fit jeans, keep an eye on streetwear brand Crosshatch. Their clothes have a modern urban flair and such as a stylish hoody, robust belts and sporty shoes go very well together. And when you are a real trendsetter, you have already noticed, that camouflage is everywhere in streetwear fashion. The brand dangerous dngrs provides some very exciting slim fit jeans styles and colors. Check out one of our most popular pants – the dngrs noray slim fit camo jeans.

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