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Too hot outside for streetwear pants? We have this summer’s best shorts everyday use for a day on the beach, at a pool, during sports or in city streets. When you spend a day surfing, listening to hip hop music and chilling at the ocean or in the sun at a hotel swimming pool you might want to wear a great mens swim shorts. For sports like running or dancing we recommend you to have a look at the range of Urban Classics, Soul Star, Royal Blue and Ecko.Streetwear Shorts. The good thing is, there is more to shorts than just swim or sportswear. Just as in jeans we have many different styles to choose from here in all kinds of garments. And for almost any kind of activity in your hometown. If you like loose classic hip hop pants, the Townz Mens jeans shorts should be a complement to your urban wardrobe. Check out our awesome streetwear shorts from our wide selection of urban brands and find a pair you like, and that'll make you look good on those days! And if you are into sports and especially fitness, view our Royal Blue 2in1 leggings shorts that are definitely an eyecatcher.

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