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Men’s Polo Shirts

Streetwear T-Shirts are often very casual and that why we love them, but perhaps sometimes you need something more formal and want to keep it simple, a Polo Shirt is the perfect solution. Historically the origin of these shirts and their name can be found in India in the early 20th century. Due to the subtropical climate, the players of polo wore jerseys made of cotton which were light and striped. And the modern classic Polo Shirt with button down collar has evolved from this jersey. This kind of shirt got famous by Rene Lacoste and his crocodile logo. But let’s be honest, for streetwear, rap and hip-hop clothing, you need something more authentic. Glady, we got a huge range of stylish overwear and famous brands. For example, Crosshatch is providing great vintage originals with this Roars Pique Polo T-Shirt.


Muscle Fit Polos

There is also another trend for men’s Polos and it is to wear them tight to show your muscles and your defined body. So, despite the Polo looking formal and is also very good for sports like tennis at the same time, the man of today can use it to underline his outstanding look and, if available, muscles. We also got oversized polo shirts if you like it that way. One of your topsellers of the whole category is the ecko unltd Dodger Polo. Despite Crosshatch and ecko unltd, other suppliers and brands like Dickies, akademiks, cazzy clang or cyprime have also plain or colourful polo shirts in their assortments.

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