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Hip Hop Shirt

The modern urban classic we all know is the black and red checked flanell shirt. But streetwear shirts have come a long way. Centuries ago, simple shirts were worn as undershirts also as overwear. Since then, different variations have been created, but today we all have button plackets in our mind when we talk about shirts. And whenever we are going to visit grandma or having a job interview, we want to look formal and put a shirt on. The Hip Hop Movement took all this and made it urban shirt when mixing this former status symbol with streetwear jackets, caps and baggy jeans.


Urban Shirt

A very good example of an urban style is the Mister Tee Famous shirt, also well-known black and red checked, but with writing on it’s back which make it 100 percent authentic streetwear and hip-hop clothing. If you want to emphasize your muscles, no problem, just choose a slim fit one, and you will look urban, sporty and formal at the same time. For autumn days there are also fitted shirts, which will keep you warm and that is the reason, why many use these as workwear. Available in sizes from S to 3XL, no matter what comes next in your life, if you are in need of a shirt for your next business meeting or your urban party, you will find your new favourite hip hop shirt here at Topstreetwear.

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