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The Tall Tees evolved from the classic T-Shirt in the history of hip hop. While performing on the stage and doing they special dancing moves, longer over wear looked just great. Today they are very popular and no more restricted to old school rap fans. Available in multiple sizes from M to 6XL and a huge variety of colours and designs. The Urban Classics basic white tall tee is one of our long term topsellers. This plain and simple T-Shirt can easily be combined with a colourful jacket, a baggy jeans, an open zip hoodie, sweatpants or whatever is your streetwear style. As an integral part of the hip hop scene, they can also be one size bigger or wider, to cut it short: casual. New Designer Tall Tees There will always be bestsellers like the good old white tall t-shirt but it is also good to check out our assortment of big or new brands, designers or styles. The upcoming new high-quality brand Cavallo Streets has a very iconic and individual design. Just check out this Black long oversize t-shirt. Great Brands like Dangerous DNGRS or Rocawear, which is the home brand of famous Rapper Jay-Z, are offering individual Hip Hop Tall Tees with or without print. Black or white or colourful – you decide which long tee provides you with an authentic streetwear look.

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