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1. General:

In order to make a purchase at Topstreetwear.com you must be 18 years or older or have parental permission. The moment you make an order you agree to our terms of contract. All of our prices are excluding VAT (value-added tax) for orders outside of EU. These terms apply to international orders. For terms regarding orders for Sweden, Denmark and Finland read relevant terms.

2. Delivery & payment information:

Your order will be send to the adress that you supply us in your account. Average delivery time is 5-8 working days from the day the order has been sent from our warehouse. We process packages outside EU within one week(7 days). You will be notified by e-mail when your package has been shipped. In the order confirmation you will receive a tracking id that makes it possible for you to follow your delivery. You can also do this through your account when logged in on our website. Shipping cost varies between different countries and you will see the price we take to deliver to your country in the shopping cart and at the check out. 
Topstreetwear.com manages safe credit card payments in co-operation with DIBS, Visa and Mastercard. Your transaction will take place in a safe invoriment outside our server. Therefore it is safe to pay with credit card at Topstreetwear.com. Your information will not be given out to any third part, it is encrypted through DIBS directly to your bank. In case of suspected fraud attempt we will contact customer for ID verification.
In case you would like to cancel your order or make any alterations you must contact us before the products are packed and shipped. If an order is unclaimed, whatever sircumstances, we reserve the right to charge you for the shipment as well as the administration costs.

3. Personal information:

All the personal information you leave on the site is used only for our customer relation to you. When you become a member at Topstreetwear.com it will be registered, by law we must inform you of this. Topstreetwear.com will not hand out any personal information to third part unless the member approves this. In cases like fraud, personal files will be handed out to police or other authorities(for ex. court) if such is needed. All your files will stay with us and is not sold further. No one else but us and you will be able to know what type of data you have given to us.

4. General product information:

We try to show our products as close as possible to how they look in reality regarding proportions and colors but can not guarantee that all pictures do this. We reserve the right to adjust prices and eventual wrong pricing, due to typographic or unintentional errors, before and after the order is confirmed. Topstreetwear.com reserves the right to change our assortment and have the right to remove products from the assortment before a purchase has been processed.

5. Refunds:

We will refund customers within 30 days from a cancelled order/product, return or reclaim. As soon as your matter has been approved and registered it will be sent to our economy department. Refunds are made to the same credit card/account that was used when purchasing.

6. Shipping damages:

In case you notice any damage on the package when you pick it up you should immediately report it to the postal service you picked it up from. If you notice the damages later we encourage you to e-mail our customer support for further help. The customer is responsible of any damages caused to the package when return shipping. A common mistake is to send peaked caps in a bag or letter instead of a box, ruining it's delicate shape. Another mistake is to send shoes in their original box, ruining the box this making it impossible for us to sell. These returns will not be accepted and will be sent back to the customer.

7. Force Majeure:

In case of any of the following situations would occur Topstreetwear.com is liberated from fullfilling this agreement. This concerns circumstances outside our control such as strike, war, national state of emergency, sabotage, natural disaster, abnormal decrease in market, actions taken by government, if the company has been set out of any sort of criminal activity, major accident or blockade.

8. Low-price guarantee:

  • The low-price guarantee only applies to Swedish web shops for Swedish customers.

  • The price must be the web shops ordinary price. Sale prices, special campaigns and auctions are not covered by the guarantee.

  • The product must be identical in color and design. It can not be part of a larger pack.

  • The product must origin from a Swedish concessionaire and the low-price guarantee does not cover parallel imported goods.

  • The product must be in stock in the web shop where you have found the price. The guarantee does not cover products that are out of stock.

  • The price must include shipping and administrative costs.

  • The low-price guarantee lasts within 7 days from the day you placed your order at TopStreetwear.com.

  • For the low-price guarantee to apply the difference in price must be at least 50 SEK and we refund differences of a maximum amount of 500 SEK.



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